Current Meal Distribution for 2020-2021

Free Breakfast and Lunch for All UPSD Students (Ages 1-18)
Posted on 01/25/2021

The U.S. Department of Agriculture extended several waivers that allow school districts to serve nutritious meals to all students in our community.
Click HERE for more information.
For questions about food services, contact our Nutrition Services Department at (253) 566-5700.


Sack meal packs are available for pickup Monday - Friday, 10:30 am -- 11:30 am at:
● Drum Intermediate School
● Narrows View Intermediate School
● Curtis Junior High School (in front of school)

Afternoon pickup available at Curtis Jr High School only (in front of school), M-F 4:00 pm -- 6:00 pm.

Curtis Sr High School and Curtis Jr High School students attending on campus learning will be eating their sack lunch on site. (The shelf-stable breakfast portion should be taken home for the next day. Milk will be distributed to students as they leave campus for the day).
Primary and Intermediate Students will continue to receive sack meals at the end of the day (no eating on site).
We are unable to continue school bus/van delivery to neighborhoods. Curbside pickup only. 

🍏  More Information:
This is a federally funded CHILD nutrition program. Meals must ONLY be consumed by eligible children (age 1-18 or an adult with a disability attending an education institution). Per day, ONE breakfast and ONE lunch is the maximum amount of meals allowed to be collected and distributed to each child.
 Pickup does NOT need to be done at the school your child attends.
 Whether your student is qualified for free lunch, reduced-price lunch, or full pay lunch, all meals will be provided free of charge.
We strongly encourage that you wear a mask when picking up meals from any of our schools.
★ Primary and Intermate Schools: For on-campus learning, meal service will not be provided during the school day. Please make sure your child has eaten before they arrive at school.
★ As an alternative to curbside pick-up, students participating in the hybrid in-person learning program may take a sack meal home with them at the end of the school day.

Sack meal food heating instructions can be found HERE.