Nighthawks of the Month

Nighthawks of the Month

Each month a female and male student from each grade level will be selected by the grade level teaching teams based on student contributions to modeling NVI’s leadership skills: respect, responsibility, integrity, perseverance, creativity, and knowledge. We are pleased to announce the Nighthawks of the Month Award goes to:

​January:  Isabella Muto, Moses Walker, Abigail Lensch, Zane Marco, Ashleigh Jones, Dafne Romero-Garcia

​December:   Dylan Dao, Keliah Tulley, Molly Garnett, Dane Brubaker, Damion Nollan, Matthew Stark

​November:  Ryder Troyer, Jazzlyn Smith, Elaina Duong, Jaylen Wells, Tai Anna McCrady, Enzo Melkersson

​October: Dylan Hammer, J'Leigh Baily, Reese Nichols, Tiffany Lam, Samantha Morrow, Andrew Wilcox

September: Violet Baker, Andrew Holmes, Sophia Woodall, Razya Thomas, Serenity Evans, Ethan Bell