Nighthawks of the Month

Nighthawks of the Month

Each month a female and male student from each grade level will be selected by the grade level teaching teams based on student contributions to modeling NVI’s leadership skills: respect, responsibility, integrity, perseverance, creativity, and knowledge. We are pleased to announce the Nighthawks of the Month Award goes to:


5th grade - Molly Garnett and Aireana Walker

6th grade - JT Lambert and Tai Anna McCrady

7th grade - Jiwon Jang and Sujung Kim


5th grade - Sophia Berry and Aarnav Uddaraju

6th grade - La'Nasia Satcher and Asia Williams

7th grade - Rocco Koch and Hannah Perry


5th grade - Paige Roberts and Jaylynn McMillin

6th grade - Damion Nollan and Kaydence Wahl

7th grade - Brooke Paulson and Yazn Rajeh


5th grade - Zidane Duong and Ariel Walker

6th grade - Kendall Burton and Sofia Hunter

7th grade - Sam Ercanbrack and Maddie Thompson


5th grade - Junia Kim and Jerry Li

6th grade - Taub Baldyga and Julia Sandusky

7th grade - Yunho (Henry) Cho and Abibatu Koroma

5th grade - Isaiah Kinyanjui and Emily Shin

6th grade - Ethan Bell and Annie Faestel

7th grade - Mignonette Gleason and Nick Keown