NVI Superstars

Nighthawk Superstars

Throughout the month staff members at NVI recognize students for modeling our "Three B's" - Respectfulness, Responsibility, and Safety. Students recognized by a staff member receive a ticket to turn in to the office. Four names from each grade level are drawn at the end of each month to receive a prize. In addition, we post the pictures of the monthly winners. The names of all students who receive a ticket are displayed in the hallway and each student receives a certificate. Students can also earn cumulative rewards for receiving multiple tickets throughout the year.

7th grade: Ariana Brieger, Lily Hay, Rocco Koch, Isabella Lee
6th grade: Amari Gammons, Daneil Krot, Kazimir Kundilovski, Connor Long
5th grade: Younis Alsharif, Amy Argudo, Devin Trinh, Aireana Walker

7th grade: John Holmes, Garrett Stolte, Kaelynn Townsend, Jax Young
6th grade: Anne Forrest, Nick Mitchell, Mweke Mweketo, Elijah Rivera
5th grade: Charlotte Gehring, Paige Roberts, Asher Shores, Ian Stefanik

7th grade: Bilal Dobashi, Melody Hernandez, Michael Nguyen, Vivian Situ
6th grade: Addy Case, Ralph Cofreros, McKenna Gapol, Jasleen Plaha
5th grade: Sajen Maker, Samia McDaniel, Zyhe Poureetezadi, Zac Ruehle

7th grade: Grace Donohue, Lisa Jamison, Ezra Reynolds, Valentino Reyes
6th grade: Jawhaun Davis, Annie Faestel, Bailey Prescott, Emily Waller
5th grade: Isaac Haueisen, Ryker Paulson, Vivid Riddley, Mathew Stevens 


7th grade: Bilal Dobashi, Malia Gramento, Greg Keown, and Ethan Mushallo
6th grade: Antonio Beltran, Trenton Bemis, Lana Hemming, and Lavalle Petty
5th grade: Iann Bartholomew, Dane Brubaker, Cadence Chavez, and Lindsey Doyle

7th grade: Olivia Bree, Dana Falskow, Angel Kuison, and Naira Shim
6th grade: Lemuel Harden, Samantha Kiarie, Nina Petitpas, and Hailey Ruzyla
5th grade: Rubylove Koch, Landon Lee, Kiera McDermaid, Elijah McGinnis, Tony Thomas, and Abegail Yurchenko